Devastator is being moved to a new date

This Friday we were finally supposed to meet in our kingdom of Harder Styles, but unfortunately, we will not be allowed to do so by the Government of the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that in recent days the Ministry of Health has announced that its new measures are in favour of the organizers of music events, it has done the exact opposite. According to its latest decision, all events with the capacity over 1,000 must be exclusively seated. In case of non-compliance with this regulation, the organizer faces a fine of up to 3 million crowns. Negotiations in an effort to call off this new restriction were unfortunately unsuccessful.

Without exaggeration, we are broken-hearted. We have done everything we could to make sure the Devastator will go to happen tomorrow. We did our best to meet all the requirements arising from the previous measures, it took us a lot of energy and extra weeks of work, we wanted to keep our promise and organize this event for you. Unfortunately, the latest decision of the Ministry of Health is the last straw with which we are no longer able to do anything. Probably none of us can imagine the Devastator we’re all seated. One of the organizers’ nightmares was filled. We had to move the event, which we have already started to build at the venue. It is a huge misfortune both economically and mentally.

We are forced to move Devastator to a new date – March 19, 2021. We will negotiate with all the performers to confirm the line up you all deserve. Your tickets remain valid for 2021. If the date does not suit you, you can request a voucher at with a subject “Devastator voucher”. If you don’t spend its value by October 31, 2021, your money will be refunded automatically. Money for sectors purchased will be refunded automatically.

We believe, and statements by the Government repeatedly assure us, that the situation should stabilize permanently during the spring and all reasons for limiting music events should disappear. We believe that we will meet in March and enjoy Devastator with full power.


Stay strong!

Devastator & Beatworx team 

Full version of Czech government announcement available here.