Dive deep into the foundations of Harder Styles

Have you ever wondered what are the foundations of Harder Styles? Which country has these styles invented? Which path had to be taken to archieve the milestones of our scene? If so, we’ve prepared a summary of the best documentaries about Harder Styles. Right here, in this article.

Scantraxx – 15 Years of Hardstyle
One of the oldest and biggest Hardstyle labels Scantraxx is showin you in it’s documentaries it’s humble beginnings and also the beginnings of whole Hardstyle genre. Your guide will be none other than The Prophet.

Thunderdome Never Dies
The most iconic event of whole Hardcore scene is Thunderdome. Thus event is with us for 25 years and it’s here to stay! Take a look how this worldwide phenomenon has begun in official documentary that has been released on DVD. You can buy it here.

Headhunterz’s Vlogs from Within
In 2014 the legend that is Headhunterz has decided to walk on a different musical path. He was trying to find more musical possibilities but also himself. His story has been captured by Vlogs from Within that he has been producing in period of 2016 till 2017, when he officially returned home to our scene. If you’re into a big story and lot of emotions, this series is exactly for you! Vlogs are in descending order by date.

10 years of Dirty Workz

Another of the oldest and biggest Hardstyle labels called Dirty Workz has made a documentary for it’s 10 years anniversary. You can take a look behind the whole label but also a founding artists such as Coone, Psyko Punkz, Da Tweekaz and many more!

Evolution of Style

Brennan Heart had put together with his third studio album a documentary about his musical journey and the life of a DJ and artist, that he truly is. Take a look at what his life is about.

10 years of Noisecontrollers

Bas (formerly Bas & Arjan), better known as Noisecontrollers is taking you on his musical journey that is truly astonishing. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a true pioneer of unique sound, this documentary is here for you.

Angerfist exclusive interview
In the year 2017 the king of Hardcore has answered a few questions about his beginnings. You can also find a few tips for starting producers in this short interview.

Endymion On the Road to Make Some Noise
Before they’ve switched their sound into Raw Hardstyle, Endymion were part of Hardcore scene for a very long time. Take a look at what was it like in 2012 for these 3 artists in this hour-long documentary about life of artists.

This is Hardcore

In 2012 the heavyweights of Hardcore scene have joined forces to pump a new blood into the scene. This collaboration of artists such as Mad Dog, AniMe, Neophyte, The Sickest Squad, Evil Activities, Tha Playah and many more has resulted in 2 astonishing Hardcore albums loaded with greatest hits. This documentary is about a creative process and the philosophy behind these 2 albums.

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