Today we’re coming to you with a sad message. It’s coming with a deep sadness in our hearts that we have to announce to you the date of Devastator Hall 2020, which has been set on 27th March 2020, is cancelled. We had to take this step as a result of an emergency measure by the Ministry of Health of Czech Republic, which is coming into effect on 10th March 2020 at 18:00. This emergency measure is forbidding any musical or cultural events with more than 100 attendees from happening. We’re not expecting this measure to come to an end after two weeks or sooner, that’s why we’ve decided to inform you as soon as possible.

We’re accepting this temporary measure as the best way to secure the health and well-being of you, our beloved visitors and fans. At this moment we can’t tell how long is this measure going to take. We will try our best to bring you Devastator Hall again so none of us will miss the only gathering in our Kingdom of Harder Styles, for which we’ve been waiting so long.

In the upcoming 14 days we will announce further information on our website and social media, regarding the possibility of a refund.