In 2012 a desire was born for a new musical world that had yet to exist here. Specific to its environment and representing the uniqueness of each one of us. What began as a small concept for a few individuals gradually developed into the strongest harder styles movement in central Europe. All of it based on a passion and desire for a unique musical experience.

Devastator emerged as the leader in the genre of Hardcore electronic music. In its history it has mostly focused on the harder styles of electronic music. From crossbreed to Hard Techno. It found its true calling in 2014, when it took the ever more popular Hardstyle under its wing for the first time. This combination of styles brought about the creation of a movement whose symbiosis has supported and jointly created a strong and unified movement.

From the very beginning, its goal was to bring together the best from the current Harder Styles scene. As early as 2012 we welcomed the longtime pioneers of Italian Hardcore – Art of Fighters. And yet it was in 2013 that the dreams of all Harder Styles fans came true when our stage hosted the king himself, Angerfist. With him we welcomed for the first time the Italian Mad Dog, to this day a favorite among the Czech audience. The first Hardstyle guest at Devastator was a genius with his own distinctive sound, Zatox. We welcomed him in the company of the legendary Noisecontrollers. This list grew the following year to include countless quality names such as Neophyte, Ran-D, Brennan Heart, Adaro, Miss K8, Sickest Squad, Dr. Peacock, AniMe, Delete, F.Noize, Da Tweekaz, Noize Suppressor, Destructive Tendencies, Phuture Noize, Korsakoff, Drokz, Sefa, D-Block & S-te-Fan and many, many more. And let us not forget great moments in the evolution of the entire genre such as the time in 2017 when Devastator featured the hardstyle kings Headhunterz, who performed here at one of the first performances after their return to Hardstyle. In 2018 Devastator also for the first time welcomed the first truly live act in its history, none other than Gunz for Hire. 

Devastator will never abandon its love and passion for the Harder Styles that remain the cornerstone of the specific experience offered against all odds. As a result Devastator has been able to grow from a club event into many massive forms. You can therefore encounter Devastator Stage, a longtime part of the Imagination Festival that helps bring out style to other musically lost fans. We also recognize unique artists and their contributions to the entire scene through the separate forum of Devastator Presents. In 2019 we also built on our independence for the first time and proved that there are more of us than anyone ever expected, at the first Devastator Hall, which grows every year. We worked together to overcome the pitfalls of fate at Devastator Takeover.

This is a Devastator defined by the unique Harder Styles musical genre accompanied by quality and unique stage environment, a product of the passion and enthusiasm of its team and fans.

We will look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

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