Devastator Hall 2021: Useful Information

We have prepared a summary of the most important information about Devastator Hall 2021 for you.

The event area opens at 20:00, when the music production begins and closes at 6:00 together with the end of the music production. Entrance to the event area is possible from 16 years. Visitors under the age of 16 will not be admitted to the complex. After leaving the premises, the ticket expires.

Visitors who have bought a ticket in advance will come to the so-called strapping tent for each sector. Avoid buying tickets from resellers – all tickets pass through the reading device when entering the premises and their reuse is not possible. We recommend that you come at 20:00 to avoid unnecessary queues, not to miss some of the foreign performers and also to have the opportunity to buy the limited edition Devastator Hall merchandise. ENTRY TO THE AREA WILL BE POSSIBLE ONLY WITH THE FACE MASK ON THE MOUTH AND NOSE.
Accreditations will open at 19:30 and are located as well as the cash register before entering the complex. Don’t forget to bring your ID card, necessary for your identification at accreditations.

About 100 tickets from expired reservations will be available at the doors. The price for a ticket on the spot is 800 CZK.

According to government regulation, from September 1, 2020, it is mandatory to wear a face mask on the mouth and nose at mass events for more than 100 people. We kindly ask you to respect this regulation.

Due to the current regulations in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to divide the area of indoor events into individual sectors of 500 people. Each sector has a separate entrance to the hall, a separate toilet and its own smoking area. Strapping tents where you get a strap for your ticket will then be in front of each entrance to the sector (see map). Sectors C and D have shared strapping tent. It is not possible to move between sectors. If you do not have the sector purchased in advance, it will be assigned to you on the spot.


The fastest way to get to Výstaviště Holešovice is by metro and tram. The nearest metro station is “Nádraží Holešovice” on line “C” (red). After getting off the metro “Nádraží Holešovice”, take tram number 6, 12, 17 or night lines 93, 94 and go one stop to Výstaviště Holešovice. Then, walk about 200 meters through the exhibition grounds (between the Tipsport arena and the Průmyslový Palace) to the Small Sports Hall. Parking for cars is possible in the Exhibition Center for a fee for the whole night, or in mixed parking zones in the nearby neighbourhood.

You can buy a limited amount of this year’s edition Devastator Hall merchandise at the Merchandise stand located in the corridors. If you are considering buying clothes and accessories, don’t forget to bring enough cash with you.

In cooperation with Woow, we have prepared an application for you, where you can compile your own line up and receive notifications of upcoming sets, take a look at the map and share your location with friends. Download the app here:

A visitor who can prove himself / herself with a ZTP / P card (or 3rd degree of disability) and a ticket to the event is allowed to take his / her assistant with him / her free of charge. This exception does not apply to holders of disability (or degree II of disability).

In the whole area, you can pay only in cash – Czech Crowns and Euros. Euros will be accepted at the box office, bars and merchandise booth. EUR exchange rate on the spot is 23 CZK = 1 EUR.

After leaving the premises, the ticket expires / the wristband will be removed.

A limited number of Lockerboxes will be available at the event venue for CZK 150 / night (+ CZK 100 key deposit).

Each sector will have 2 bars available. As every year, you will find premium alcohol in the assortment. There won’t be any food stand at the event – please don’t forget to eat your dinner before you arrive at Devastator Hall!

Medical service will be present on site. Security and firefighters will also pass through the complex, ensuring the safety of us all. Please report any problem immediately to our security guard.

To save the environment by tons of waste, we are once again introducing back-up cups. The deposit for one cup will be 50 CZK. When purchasing another drink, each cup will be replaced with a clean one. Cups can be returned at bars. Damaged or otherwise devalued cups cannot be redeemed.

Devastator Hall will be equipped with a professional audio (PA) system from L’Acoustics. We recommend visitors to take earplugs with them to protect their hearing.

Photography and filming at the festival on cameras, camcorders and mobile phones are permitted. Recording with a professional technician is only possible by prior arrangement and approved accreditation. When using photos and recordings, it is always necessary to visibly mention where the shots are taken from.

Due to precautionary measures related to COVID-19, there will be no meet & greet at this year’s Devastator Hall.

Smoking is prohibited in the halls of the exhibition centre in Holešovice – please respect it. Visitors will have the opportunity to go out into the fresh air during the entire festival – an outdoor area near the hall is reserved for this purpose.

– It is forbidden to bring any drink, food, weapons, drugs, pyrotechnics, laser pointers, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic bottles, camelbacks or any sharp objects that could endanger other visitors into the complex. Dealers who are caught on the premises selling drugs will be handed over to the Czech police with the assistance of security guards. If you meet such a person, please let our bodyguard know.
– Every visitor is obliged to undergo a security check, for which we thank you in advance. We ask that visitors avoid pushing during the queue, as this will not speed up your entry to the festival.
– During the event, our video team will shoot on the spot. Please be considerate of them and the reward for this may be your participation in the festival aftermovie.
– Take care of your personal hygiene and use disinfectant gels.


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