Quarantine streams you shouldn’t miss!

Are you missing that feeling of being one? That moment when you close your eyes and forget about the world around you? Well, we all have to make sacrifices but it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our music! Lot of great artists have decided to make a special livestream to bring you their music directly to your home! We’ve gathered most of them, you can enjoy sets by Dr. Peacock, Sound Rush, Angerfist, Sefa, Ran-D, Headhunterz and much more below in this article!

Dr. Peacock via Qonnect

Sound Rush via Qonnect

Angerfists Hardcore Therapy

Headhunterz via Qonnect (Headhunterz starts in 18:25)

Sefa presents Live = Lijden

Ran-D presents WRTN (in which he introduced some new tracks from his long awaited album)

I Am Hardstyle Warehouse Session (Brennan Heart, Code Black, Toneshifterz, Dailucia)

Frequencerz Quarantine Session (with guests such as Rejecta, D-Fence, Digital Punk and much more)

Regularly based Scantraxx Lockdown Sessions

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