On 16th September the gates of Devastator Hall, the first Czech Harder Styles indoor event, will open again after one year in the Small Sports Hall in Prague Holešovice. The evening will feature an elite six international producers, the best Czech and Slovak support and the autumn packed with Harder Styles events can begin in full power!

As part of our modest 10th anniversary of the Devastator brand, we’ve prepared a brisk dose of its history with a little glimpse of what awaits you at this special edition! 


The year is 2012 and the Devastator brand was founded with the ambition of profiling itself as a leader in the Hardcore genre of electronic music, eventually joined by the Crossbreed and Hard Techno genres. However, the fateful genre for Devastator was Hardstyle, which it also took under its wing, thus closing the circle and defining and giving birth to a strong unified movement, whose representatives across styles work in symbiosis with each other.

The initial and core intention of the whole idea from the very beginning of the project was to host in the Czech Republic the best that the world cuisine of the Harder Styles scene has to offer. And as time went by, the Devastator Stage over the years has indeed been graced by the performances of, dare we say, perhaps the entire elite. 

Art of Fighters – Angerfist – Mad Dog – Zatox – Noisecontrollers – D-Block & S-te-Fan – Brennan Heart – Dr. Peacock – Da Tweekaz – Ran-D – Miss K8 – Korsakoff – Sefa – Neophyte – Phuture Noize – AniMe – Ophidian – Sickest Squad – Delete. – F.Noize – Noize Suppressor – Destructive Tendencies – Headhunterz – Gunz for Hire – Sound Rush – Coone – D-Sturb and many more…

The love and passion for Harder Styles Devastator has never left and is still the cornerstone of his success, despite all sorts of twists of fate. As a result, Devastator has evolved from a club event in just a few short years to its current form, which has many different faces. So you can meet the Devastator stage, which has been a long-standing part of Imagination Festival and has helped introduce our style to more and more fans. In 2019, we’re determined to stand alone and prove to all the non-believers that there’s more of us than anyone ever expected through our very own Devastator Hall event. This year we’re looking forward to its fourth edition, all thanks to the core passion, enthusiasm and undying support of you, our loyal Die-Hards! Thank you for always being with us. ✊



“The gates have opened and I enter our halls. I am familiar with the energy that is gradually beginning to flow through my body, yet something is different today. Two intent eyes, in which a piece of hell can be seen, watch me across the dancefloor. The face of a seasoned warrior, shrouded in flames and radiating a longing for liberation, forms the altar of our temple.

I am not afraid, on the contrary, I give in to the feeling willingly. I heard his call and now I am here. I stand before the ruler of our Kingdom. The guardian of our cause. I stand before our King.

His influence is irresistible. I clench my hand into a fist and raise it above my head, high in the air, for I pay him homage. Along with every one of my brothers and sisters in the hall, from the front row to the back row… and at this moment we are all connected.”

Devastator Hall 2022 will feature a new, unique stage design that our team has been working on since January. At its center will stand a decoration over 5 meters tall and 4 meters wide, a head depicting the ruler of our Harder Styles kingdom, nicknamed “King”, which you may have already seen on the posters. This is a bespoke sculpture that will accompany all Devastator events next indoor season 2022/23 and will be the centerpiece of our upcoming shows. It is meant to embody the ruler of our Harder Styles Kingdom and the rugged beauty of our genre.



The main attraction of the night is undoubtedly the performances of the Goddess of Hardcore, MISS K8 and a member of the stellar group ‘The Elite’ HARD DRIVER. The beauty from the Ukraine will return to the Czech Republic after four long years, Hard Driver will finally be able to introduce himself to the audience in the capital after a taste of this year’s Beats For Love. Both Harder Styles legends have released new albums in the last few weeks, they’ve had incredible performances at summer festivals and we can’t wait to hear them live here in the Czech Republic!

The varied rest of the lineup guarantees that Die Hards from all corners of the country will definitely not be bored. During the evening, the masked hardcore madman D-FENCE, the young blood with a distinctive sound in the field of Hardstyle DEVIN WILD, Raw Hardstyle producer REJECTA, who will also come with his new album ‘The Keymaker’, and last but not least the head of ‘End Of Line Recordings’ WARFACE, for whom this will be the long-awaited Czech premiere. Of course, there is also a quality domestic support consisting of HUNGRY BEATS, MEJSI, SIXTAS and CALDARO.




Devastator Hall 2022