TOP 5 Tracks by Hard Driver

Since we believe that a person’s actions always speak best for him, it’s time to present the best of solo discography of the first headliner of this year’s Devastator Hall. In the first part of this new regular feature, we have selected the 5 best tracks from Hard Driver!

#5 – THE COLD ANGEL [2012]

We start with an absolute classic! The track from the EP of the same name is one of Hard Driver’s first releases, and listening to it will instantly make you feel nostalgic for the past. Can you believe that this track will be 10 years old this year?

#4 – CHEMICAL REACTION feat. Nolz [2021]

A chemical reaction, like mixing propane with butane – that’s how you could describe the synthesis of hard kicks and MC Nolz’s angry voice! We would definitely classify this last year’s release as a heavy element in the Harder Styles periodic table. Can we hear it live at the venue in September?

My veins are burning, my feet are yearning
I feel like dancing till the clock hits morning
Give me a beat and I’m ready for action
Let us collide like a chemical reaction!

#3 – BASS DROPS [2014]

This legendary Hard Driver track from 2014 is the second oldest in our humble ranking. It’s one of those tracks that doesn’t really need to have a lengthy discussion about the appropriateness of its title – in short, if Maestro HD drops it on Devastator in September, we’ll be praying that the entire venue doesn’t drop with it.

#2 – DOWN IN FLAMES feat. MERYLL [2022]

The second place in our opinion deserves the new release from HD, on which he has invited the singer MERYLL. This bombshell started to conquer the Spotify playlists of Hardstyle fans around the world immediately after its release and defines Hard Driver’s current sound. Will we also hear it in September?

#1 – YOUNG BIRDS [2019]

A 2019 track whose core goes deep into history – its vocals are based on an old British folk song. Hard Driver had the vocal re-sung, created an euphoric soundtrack and the banger was born. The original vocal version of the track was no great unknown to the seasoned raver at the time of its release – it harked back to the days of the Melbourne shuffle (Patrick Bunton – Young Birds, 2006) and even the golden era of Gabber (DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski ‎– Young Birds, 1996). However, it’s the combination of hypnotic vocals, symphonic melody and a load of typical Hard Driver kicks that make every listen to this song an uplifting experience. We can not wait to hear this one live as well!




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